If you are not a national of the country where you are applying from, you must submit evidence of your permission to be in that country e.

g. a residence card. You must also have at least 3 months permission to be in that country after your intended date of departure from Ireland. Children under 18 years of age can enter the UK as your dependants. You should make an application for them at the same time that you make your spouse visa application.

Completing an UK spouse visa application is a complex, long-winded and nerve-wracking process. In recent times, the UK Government has tightened their measures and introduced more stringent requirements, in an effort to crack down on the number of false marriages. Learn the costs and requirements for you to include child dependants on your UK Partner Visa application including those that are not your biological children. This article covers some of the most common mistakes individuals make on their uk spouse/partner visa application. Armed with this information you will be aware of the things to avoid when making your own application.

Please note that Consular officers reserve the right to require additional documents, or an interview, as deemed necessary, without prior notice. The Royal Thai Embassy reserves the right not to accept any visa application whereby any required document is absent.

As a family member of a Dutch national, Joyce has been issued with a Dutch residence permit in the Netherlands. As Ireland is not part of the Schengen area, Joyce is required to obtain an entry visa to travel to Ireland with Luuk. Your non-EU family members must carry a valid passport at all times and, depending on the country they are from, they may also have to show an entry visa at the border. as may be requested by Consular officers in addition to the documents above.

A dependant may apply for extension of stay for residence in the HKSAR within four weeks before his/her limit of stay expires.

The UK spouse visa allows applicants to join their partner and live in the UK for two and a half years.

The Consulate does not provide information on the state of a visa application nor on refusals of visas.

Please note that your sponsoring spouse must show income of a specified amount, the level of which varies depending on the number of dependant children being sponsored. The average processing time for a spouse visa application is 2 – 12 weeks from the date we submit the application to the UKBA. Processing times vary depending on the country where the application is made.

However, if they arrive at the border with their passport but without an entry visa, the border authorities should give them the opportunity to prove by other means that they are family members ukspousevisahelp.com of a mobile EU citizen. If they manage to prove it, they should be issued with an entry visa on the spot. Joyce, a Nigerian national, lives in the Netherlands with her Dutch husband Luuk.

I am not a German national and want to marry my German partner in Germany. What do we have to do to get an entry visa?

Radiological report (not required in respect of children under the age of 12 years or a pregnant woman). The certificate must not be older than six months at the time the applicant submits an application.