Nowadays, in the digital world of technology, people tend to get attracted to all online products. Meanwhile, whether it is an e-product or games, everything has its digital significance. Playing games is part of our lives from the time of our childhood. In our leisure time, we love to play games as it is a source of entertainment for us and also reduces stress. When it comes to money-making more and more people get attracted to it.


This article will enlist all the information on online poker games like what is online poker tournament and play guide poker1001 situs poker.


What is an online poker tournament?


Poker online is an online format of a tournament where two players compete with each other by playing pokers on a single table. It is a game which is played over the Internet. This game is played by thousands of pokers playing on thousands of tables. The tournament can be open to all or it can be invitational.


The winner of this tournament is usually those people who win every poker chip in the game and others are awarded based on their time of elimination. In most of the tournaments game continues, until all the players get eliminated, while in some tournaments (especially informal), pokers have the option of ending the game by their mutual consensus.


In this game, all the players are ranked in the reverse order, like- the last person in the game occupies the first place, the last second occupies the second position and so on.


How to play this game?


Online poker is one of the most exciting online games. Follow the following steps to fetch playing tricks.


  • First, go to the online poker site (for example 888Poker), sign up to create your account.
  • After you have created your account, get the log in to the account and click on play poker and you will be given the game lobby where you can choose to play on any table to want.
  • Then you need to choose to play either online poker free or real cash games. You can use Free roll chips to play this game free of cost or you can deposit money to play the cash game.
  • Now you can select your buy-in amount and you can start the game.
  • Each player has two pocket cards and then the first round starts. This phase of the game is called ‘Pre-Flop’.
  • When you will get three community cards on the game table, then the second betting round starts. The first active player starts the betting round. This phase is called ‘Flop’.
  • Now you will get the fourth card that is face-up, and the next betting round starts in the same manner as the earlier. This phase is called ‘Turn’.
  • Finally, you will get the last community card that is the fifth card. And the final round of betting takes place just before the showdown. The first active player will seat betting first. This phase is called ‘River’.
  • Now the ‘showdown’ stage start, where each player makes a five-card hand combination using two pocket cards and five community cards. This is how the game is played.


In the nutshell


This poker online is a game on the internet favourable for every age group. With various constraints of playing, sometimes people get cheated in this game. Henceforth results in loss of money. You need to remain careful about all these factors. Play fair and win more frequently.