Although extremely rewarding and worth it, parenting is tough. There are days when things can get overwhelming and you just want a break. That’s why more and more moms and dads are sharing hacks they discover throughout parenthood, to make it easier for other parents!

Here are 5 awesome parenting hacks you should try this year:

Have their measurements ready

Who would have thought that a الحصول على جواهر فري فاير trip to the mall can be so draining? That is, if you have a toddler to carry around (who runs even more when you yell “stop running!”) If bringing him to the shops is hard enough, imagine asking him to try on clothes and shoes.

The simple solution to this is to take his measurements, write it on a piece of paper and keep it inside your wallet. You can trace his feet, too! This way, you can shop with ease, whether he’s with you or not. Just don’t forget to update these measurements from time to time – kids grow too fast!

Make your little one a bracelet with your phone number in it

You know those large plastic alphabet beads used in making kids’ necklaces and bracelets? You can put those into good use! They make those with numbers, too, and you can make a bracelet with your phone number in it for your child to wear whenever you’re out. It would be extremely useful if she gets lost.

Let them help in making or designing the bracelet so they’ll want to wear it more. Win-win!

Make a travel art kit

Toddlers love to draw and color and one way you can keep them entertained on the road is by having an art kit ready. Use an old DVD case to create your kit. Just put in pieces of paper, a few crayons or colored pencils and voila – your no-fuss travel art kit!

Seal those bath toys

Bath toys are incredibly useful, they keep your little one busy while cleaning up. But water gets inside causing mold. To prevent this from happening, use a hot glue gun to seal the holes in bath toys!

Make household chores into a game

Kids love games and rewards. If you make household chores into a game, they’re going to want to be part of it. Whoever puts away the most toys, picks up the most clutter or whoever completes a simple chore checklist wins!