Fluent Interiors Education The 24 Best Desk Accessories

The 24 Best Desk Accessories

To organize your home office, start by thinking carefully about what you absolutely need on your desk to be productive on a daily basis. Make a list of the items you need and start building up your home office with the larger items first, such as your desk, chair, and monitor. For a home office, you need a space in your home to set up your workspace, a computer, and a strong internet connection. Our preference is to invest in a setup with a laptop, a larger monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, at minimum.

Work From Home Essentials You Need In 2023

After testing the Expression I was pleasantly surprised at how well this printer did. Being Epson’s budget option it could have been poor, but instead performed excellently at text reproduction and about average on the image quality. When you’re not commuting, there may be some more time for dinner prep. Dinnerly rolls out exciting-sounding and delicious meals such as summery chicken panzanella and risotto with asparagus and cannellini beans. But with no more than six ingredients per recipe, the damage done to your time and kitchen is minimized. The price tag for Dinnerly puts it squarely in the budget-friendly category, clocking in with a cost per serving of around $5.

SOUNDANCE Silver Laptop Stand

In 2022, it’s estimated that 16% of companies globally are remote. Fingerprint is part of that 16%, proudly employing over 100 team members from across the globe, with team members signing on from over 20 countries. Let’s dive deeper into the benefits you may things needed to work from home not consider when working remotely and why offering telecommuting could improve your employee experience. Without our collaboration software, we wouldn’t be a functional organization by utilizing solutions such as Slack, Notion, GitHub, Calendly, and more.

  • In this case, you need a large laptop or computer screen (such as a Mac).
  • A great headset can make endless video meetings and phone calls a little more bearable.
  • We’ve gathered some of our favorite webcams, monitors, USB mics and other devices that help make remote working that much easier.
  • Here are some DIY wall calendar ideas that will make life just a little easier.
  • It supports wireless security protocols to keep your network safe.
  • With this combination, you essentially have a desktop setup, with your screen at eye level, and your keyboard and mouse on the desk in front of you.

They’re also relatively inexpensive, which makes them a great option for budget-conscious remote workers. Now that you have your home office furniture and essential WFH electronics and tech taken care of, you’ll want to focus on your lifestyle, comfort, and wellness. We recommend the DefenderPad Laptop EMF Radiation Protection & Heat Shield because it’s a smart way to protect yourself from EMF radiation, it’s made in the USA, and it’s easily portable. The Nearpow is our top laptop stand pick, but it’s not the only one out there. There are different widths available, and each laptop stand can fold up flat and easily fit in a suitcase should you travel often and find yourself needing to work on hotel beds.

Perfect Pushup

Remote workers tend to be more productive because they can more easily focus on the essentials. That is, if they have the right workspace in their house or apartment. If your gift recipient works at a standing desk, a mat like the Topo Anti-Fatigue can support their back and legs against an unforgiving floor. And its varied terrain will keep their tootsies moving (which experts agree is crucial for your health). An elevated edge, a divot, and a raised ball in the mat’s center all encourage satisfying foot stretches and curls. After seven years of testing such mats, the Topo remains our favorite because it’s supremely comfortable, durable, and easy to slide into position.

  • It makes a wide range of delicious coffees, including espressos.
  • The room can have other after-hours purposes as long as it becomes your office while you’re using it.
  • If you’re looking for a powerful all-in-one word processor, spreadsheet maker, presentation builder, and more that will help you be productive, organized, and connected, Google Workspace is the best option.

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